Luis De Avila

Combining passion with my interests and skills.

Welcome to my personal web site. This site serves as; an online profile where you can learn about what I'm up to, a playground where I try new technologies, and as somewhat of a demo site. Also, when I get the urge, I share about food.


  • I'm owner of Idea Nerd, a mobile & web development studio. At Idea Nerd I'm the resident Android expert and Principle Full-Stack Architect. If you need any full-stack javascript (Mongo, Express, Angular, Node), iOS, or Android contracting/consulting hit us up.


  • I'm noodling with ES6 a bit. In fact this site and its tests are written in ES6. I've also started to noodle with Angular2. Check out the little Angular2 project I'm working on, js-turtle-graphics
  • I'll be giving a talk, Angular Directives: Three Practical Examples, to the Santa Barbara Angular Meetup group on Thursday, Aug 18 at 6:30 PM
  • Also, I recently gave a presentation on ES6, Angular2, and Class-free OOP to the SoCal Angular meetup group. Here's a link to the slides.
  • And another link to a presentation on using Angular HTTP Interceptors with Ionic: Here are the slides and the source.


  • Over the Christmas and New Year break I had some time to cook. Check out my Instagram feed!


  • I recently volunteered as a mentor at the Teens Exploring Technology Hustle and Code Hack-a-thon on Dec 12. If you had great mentors too, a good way to give back is to be a mentor to someone. I'm thinking of teaching a coding class to disadvantaged kids.


  • Just got back from visiting the state of Jalisco, Mexico... was there for a week. We visited the ruins of Guachicmonton, attended a lucha libre event, and drove the Tequila Trail and learned all about the making and drinking of tequila.
  1. About This Site

    A previous version of this site was built with Wordpress and hosted on one of the countless hosting providers you can find online nowadays. This version is a result of me deciding to use my personal site for exploring new technologies and for showcasing my skills a bit more.

  2. Tech Specs

    • Backend Stack: Node/Express web/api server sitting behind a Nginx proxy all on top of CentOS.
    • Front End: Pure HTML and Foundation.
    • Other: All route handlers and custom services are written in ES6. Server running in ES6 environment using babeljs.

  3. API Example

    This demos a RESTful API call the server executes internally against itself when building the homepage. Why? It's fun.

  4. External API Call Example

    Instagram provides users an embed code if they want to share their public photos on their web sites. I say PSHAW! Instead; lets do an OAuth call, grab a auth token, then make calls to the Instagram API and grab photos that way.